Welcome to my brain, my eyes, and my other senses as needed. I am a woman of a certain age with a wonderful, thankfully supportive partner, two kids, two step kids, two dogs (and probably two squirrels in the roof) who might be going through a mid-life crisis. No, I haven’t bought a red sports car and had an affair with a 30-year-old, but I have had the opportunity to step away from a 25 year career as an accountant and reflect on whether there isn’t something else that I could be doing with my life. Sharing ideas, learning and continuing to grow are my reasons for writing about my experiences during this time of transition. I have had many times during my life where I haven’t been sure which path to take; as a high school student trying to decide which career to follow or when choosing what type of company for which to work. I hope to connect with everyone going through a transition in their life, or those who have made it through one and have some thoughts to share. This will be a blog about curiosity which has already been sparked by my interest in photography and will hopefully lead to many more adventures.