Secretive Spotted Towhee

Well, the cold weather means I haven’t taken my camera with me on walks. I also haven’t done a bird-related post in a while so thought I’d highlight one of my favourite  birds from the summer – the Spotted Towhee. For those who aren’t too keen on birds, here’s hoping the weather warms up a bit soon. 🙂

My Sibley Birds West book describes the spotted towhee as secretive as it likes to be on the ground among the leaves and bushes searching for food. I love their eyes and the guilty look on this one is what piqued my interest. Birds with personality are fun to photograph!

There were a number of young ones in Kelowna and they enjoyed the willow tree. 

The females have a greyish head, whereas the males are black on top.


I look forward to the spring and the birds returning and can’t wait to see what expressions I will capture next year.

Thanks for reading!

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Susi Lovell

I’m not sure if my first comment here went through. Just in case it didn’t – these are absolutely fabulous photos. I just love the detail.

Susi Lovell

Wow! What fantastic photos. The detail is just fabulous. I’ll have to work through all your bird posts!

dave ply

Interesting how the juvenile colors are so different than the adults. We have an occasional resident living in a bush in the back yard – interesting seeing his little hop/scratch dance to dig up buried seeds.

Alison and Don

Wonderful photos!


What fantastic photos of a bird that is totally unknown to me. Thanks!