Spring in Kananaskis

Spring has finally made it to Calgary and I have wanted to get out to the mountains for the past few weeks to see if I could find a bear (from the car). Grizzlies have been reported on Highway 40 in Kananaskis so I was hoping to get my first sighting of 2017.

Late afternoon and the clouds, along with the ice, were finally breaking up.

Spring in Kananaskis, Alberta

Hoping for some water reflection shots, I stopped at Wedge Pond. It was still partially frozen but I got a nice jolt of happiness from seeing ground squirrels and birds, not to mention the beautiful green water.

Wedge Pond, Kananaskis, Alberta

The Yellow-Rumped Warbler (Audubon) was a surprise for me, and it was fun watching them catch midges.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Kananaskis

Further down the highway was a herd of rocky mountain bighorn sheep casually licking salt off the road. They slowly trotted up the hill when a truck tried to go by and then quickly got back to their spot when the coast was clear.

Female Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Male Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Deer were plentiful beside the road, but no bears in sight. I decided to take the Smith Dorrien Trail to Canmore in the hopes there might be more wildlife. The ROAD CLOSED signs pulled to the side of the road should have given me a clue that it might be rough, but I kept going.

It is a gravel road and after this trip, I wouldn’t recommend it in the spring as the potholes were brutal, and it had been washed out in a number of spots. You know it is bumpy when your thighs are shaking to the point of distraction and your dog throws up in the back!

The views were worth it. The amount of snow still in the south part of the park was amazing, and this avalanche looked relatively fresh. There were still mini-avalanches happening near the top of the peak as the wind blew over the crest and disturbed the snow.

Avalanche in Kananaskis – I’m glad it was far away from the road!

This view of Spray Lakes is quite pretty, even when frozen.

Spray Lakes, May 2017

Next time I go, I will start early in the morning and I think I might try Banff for a change – can’t wait!

I greatly appreciate all who follow along on my wanderings and provide wonderful feedback. Thanks for reading!


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Alison and Don

What a trip! The photo of Wedge Pond is fabulous, and you got a couple of good shots of the sheep. They are amazing. I’ve seen a couple in the wild but not so close as that.


Wonderful photos.. I love the Bighorn Sheep, we drove through Jasper last summer and they were on the road in places.. I love to see the snow-capped mountains especially… I live currently in almost flat Ontario, they are so majestic…thanks for sharing.. I can’t wait to see your Grizzly photos… good luck finding next trip..

Stephen L. Tyler

Beautiful landscapes!

Kim Medcalf

Thanks for teaching me how to stop and enjoy the view as we travel to some of these same spots. Wonderful photos.